Book Number 1 – 2012

On the opposite side of the globe from Venice, where most of the action in this book takes place, Lucy hears the cello playing of Maestro Fortuny and begins her connection with the hero of the story.   Possibly it would be more accurate to say her obsession as she collects newspaper clippings, magazine articles and photos for her scrapbook; she purchases an LP record merely for the photograph of Fortuny on the cover; she pores over maps and guide books of Venice until she knows the city intimately without ever having visited.   But above all she learns the cello and learns to play it well.   Well enough to enter the conservatorium in Venice and to finally meet Fortuny.   From there the unlikely relationship is conceived, grows and eventually matures to an even more unlikely denouement.

I found the whole premise highly preposterous and had it not been for the authors notes at the end of the book where he detailed the chance conversation which had seeded the story, I would have remained disbelieving.