This enchanting book describes a further chapter in Lillian Beckwith’s adventurous life in the Hebrides.

Her dry wit in describing the characters who populate the island on which she lives provide many a chuckle during the reading of this small paperback.

“Love doesn’t mile the cattle an’ rear the calves an’ work the peats an’ cook the potatoes,” Morag went on to explain.  “In this place a man wants a woman to work beside him.”

From my experience the men of Bruach wanted their women not just to work beside them but to work instead of them if it could be managed but I forbore from saying so.

Or how about this  –  I think I like Murdoch!

‘Ach, the egg’s not worth the cackle’, Murdoch summed up.

Now isn’t that descriptive –  and despite the book having been written in 1978 I am convinced that phrase could be used today.

This book will definitely stay on my shelves.