1 Footfall Christine Poulson Jan-15
2 Blood Money David Ignatius Jan-15
3 What Lies Beneath Elspeth Sandys Jan-15
4 The Button Legacy Ginger Marcinkowski Jan-15
5 The Messiah Secret James Becker Jan-15
6 A Well Tempered Heart Jan Phillip Sendker Jan-15
7 The Son Jo Nesbo Jan-15
8 Lone Wolf Jodi Picoult Jan-15
9 Past Imperfect Julian Fellowes Jan-15
10 Song of My heart Kim Vogel Sawyer Jan-15
11 With Child Laurie King Jan-15
12 To Play The Fool Laurie King Jan-15
13 The Husband’s Secret Liane Moriaty Jan-15
14 The Rose Garden Marita Canlon McKenna Jan-15
15 Popular Maya Van Wagenen Jan-15
16 At Home in Japan Rebecca Otowa Jan-15
17 Ugly Robert Hoge Jan-15
18 The Lincoln Myth Steve Berry Jan-15
19 The Complete Inspector Morse David Bishop Feb-15
20 The Silent Sister Diane Chamberlain Feb-15
21 Die With Me Elena Forbes Feb-15
22 Evil In Return Elena Forbes Feb-15
23 Our Lady of Pain Elena Forbes Feb-15
24 The Zig Zag Girl Elly Griffiths Feb-15
25 Her Amish Man Erin Bates Feb-15
26 Eyes Only Fern Michaels Feb-15
27 The Secret Keeper Kate Marton Feb-15
28 The Year of Taking Chances Lucy Diamond Feb-15
29 Buried Mark Billingham Feb-15
30 A Place of My Own Michael Pollen Feb-15
31 The Jigsaw Man Paul Britton Feb-15
32 The flowers of the Field Sarah Harrison Feb-15
33 Broken Slain Stuart MacBride Feb-15
34 Cold Granite Stuart MacBride Feb-15
35 Dying Light Stuart MacBride Feb-15
36 Jessica Bryce Courtney Mar-15
37 The Midwives Confession Diane Chamberlain Mar-15
38 The Evening Chorus Helen Humphreys Mar-15
39 An Unfamiliar Murder Jane Isaac Mar-15
40 Eeny Meeny M J Arlidge Mar-15
41 Pop Goes the Weasel M J Arlidge Mar-15
42 Rush of Blood Mark Billingham Mar-15
43 The Last Detective Peter Lovesey Mar-15
44 Irene Pierre Le Maitre Mar-15
45 Persecuted Robin Parrish Mar-15
46 The Widows Confession Sophia Tobin Mar-15
47 In For a Penny In For a Pound Tim Waterstone Mar-15
48 Cover Your Eyes Adele Geras Apr-15
49 A Lonely Death Charles Todd Apr-15
50 The Bookmans Tale Charlie Lovett Apr-15
51 The Drowning River Christobel Kent Apr-15
52 Sorrow Bound David Mark Apr-15
53 About Face Donna Leon Apr-15
54 Falling in Love Donna Leon Apr-15
55 The Inside Job Felix Riley Apr-15
56 A Dangerous Place Jacqueline Winspear Apr-15
57 Calling Out for You Karin Tossum Apr-15
58 Crooked Heart Lissa Evans Apr-15
59 At the Edge of Memory Michael Kip Apr-15
60 A Heartbeat Away Michael Palmer Apr-15
61 On Beulah Height Reginald Hill Apr-15
62 And Then She Was Gone Rosalind Noonan Apr-15
63 Harm Done Ruth Rendell Apr-15
64 Bittersweet Colleen McCullogh May-15
65 Her Son’s Wife Dorothy Canfield May-15
66 Broadchurch Erin Kelly May-15
67 Under the Radar Fern Michaels May-15
68 Mightier Than The Sword Jeffrey Archer May-15
69 Wrong Way Round Lorina Hardy May-15
70 The Woman Who Stole My Life Marian Keyes May-15
71 Last Resort Quintin Jardine May-15
72 A Tale For The Time Being Ruth Ozeki May-15
73 The Veiled One Ruth Rendell May-15
74 Dead Sky Tami Hoag May-15
75 Margaret Mahy Tessa Duder May-15
76 A Place of Hiding Elizabeth George Jun-15
77 Friends & Lovers Helen MacInnes Jun-15
78 Found Money James Grippondo Jun-15
79 Be Careful What You Wish For Jeffrey Archer Jun-15
80 Best Kept Secret Jeffrey Archer Jun-15
81 The Sins of the Father Jeffrey Archer Jun-15
82 Only Time Will Tell Jeffrey Archer Jun-15
83 The Bat Jo Nesbo Jun-15
84 Rhapsody Judith Gould Jun-15
85 An Act of Love Marie Fleming Jun-15
86 The Apartment in Rome Penny Fenney Jun-15
87 Reckless Disregard Robert Rolestein Jun-15
88 The Heiresses Sara Shepherd Jun-15
89 A Dark and Twisted Tide Sharon Bolton Jun-15
90 Killing Esther Susan Shepherd Jun-15
91 To The Top of the Mountain Arne Dahl Jul-15
92 The Cavendon Women Barbara Taylor Bradford Jul-15
93 Betrayed Clare Francis Jul-15
94 Unforgotten Clare Francis Jul-15
95 The English Spy Daniel Silva Jul-15
96 The Nightingale Nurses Donna Douglas Jul-15
97 Confusion Elizabeth Howard Jul-15
98 The Ghost Fields Elly Griffiths Jul-15
99 Rose en Marche Jamie Ivey Jul-15
100 Biting Anorexia Lucy Howard Taylor Jul-15
101 Time of Death Mark Billingham Jul-15
102 Japan on Foot Mary King Jul-15
103 Bloodhound Ramona Kaval Jul-15
104 Agent of the State Roger Pearce Jul-15
105 The Slaughterman Tony Parsons Jul-15
106 Fire Flowers Ben Bryne Aug-15
107 Hour Game David Baldacci Aug-15
108 A Deadly Paradise Grace Brophy Aug-15
109 The Last Enemy Grace Brophy Aug-15
110 Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop Jenny Colglen Aug-15
111 Between Cyanide and Silk Leo Marks Aug-15
112 The Beautiful Mystery Louise Penney Aug-15
113 Narrow Minds Marie Browne Aug-15
114 Ghost Boy Martin Pistorius Aug-15
115 The Gallery of Vanished Husbands Natasha Solomons Aug-15
116 Friday on my Mind Nicci French Aug-15
117 Priceless Robert Whittman Aug-15
118 The Waters Lovely Ruth Rendell Aug-15
119 City of the Night Alan S Blood Sep-15
120 Tokyo Hostess Claire Campbell Sep-15
121 Consequences of Sin Clare Langley Hawthorne Sep-15
122 The Girl in the Spiders Web David Lagereantz Sep-15
123 Blood From a Stone Dolores Gordon Smith Sep-15
124 A Good Catch Fern Britton Sep-15
125 The Lacemakers of Glenmara Heather Barbier Sep-15
126 Invitation to Live Lloyd C Douglas Sep-15
127 Doctor Hudsons Journal Lloyd C Douglas Sep-15
128 Disputed Passage Lloyd C Douglas Sep-15
129 Forgive our Trespasses Lloyd C Douglas Sep-15
130 It’s Now or Never June Francis Sep-15
131 The Silver Thread Kylie Fitzpatrick Sep-15
132 The Good Doctor Lance O’sullivan Sep-15
133 The Third Wife Lisa Jewell Sep-15
134 The Girl in the Ice Lotte and Soren Hammer Sep-15
135 The Dying Hours Mark Billingham Sep-15
136 The Watchmaker of Filigree Street Natasha Pulley Sep-15
137 Perfect Rachel Joyce Sep-15
138 Without You There Is No Us Suki Kim Sep-15
139 Clever Girl Tessa Hadley Sep-15
140 The Exiles Ah Son Lynn Oct-15
141 Perfect Daughter Amanda Prouse Oct-15
142 Legacy of Greyladies Anna Jacobs Oct-15
143 Necessary as Blood Deborah Crombie Oct-15
144 Paths of Glory Jeffrey Archer Oct-15
145 Nowhere Child Rachel Abbot Oct-15
146 Stranger Child Rachel Abbot Oct-15
147 Sleep Tight Rachel Abbot Oct-15
148 The Back Road Rachel Abbot Oct-15
149 Only the Innocent Rachel Abbot Oct-15
150 The Cold Cold Sea Linda Huber Oct-15
151 The Second Last Woman in England Maggie Joel Oct-15
152 Antipodes Mark Price Oct-15
153 Killer Move Michael Marshall Oct-15
154 The Road Between Us Nigel Farndale Oct-15
155 The Colours of Love Rita Bradshaw Oct-15
156 The Visitors Sally Beaumann Oct-15
157 Death & the Oxford Box Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
158 Ocford Shadows Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
159 Oxford Exit Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
160 Oxford Blue Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
161 Oxford Mourning Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
162 Oxford Knot Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
163 Oxford Shift Veronica Stallwood Oct-15
164 My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me Jennifer Teege Oct-15
165 Spare Brides Adele Parkes Nov-15
166 Speaking From Among the Bones Alan Bradley Nov-15
167 Star Teacher jack Sheffield Nov-15
168 In the Company of Sherlock Holmes Laurie King Nov-15
169 Frozen Music Marika Cobbold Nov-15
170 Crimson Shore Preston & Child Nov-15
171 Farewell to Freedom Sara Blaedel Nov-15
172 The Moth Catcher Ann Cleeve s Dec-15
173 The Dungeon House Ann Cleeves Dec-15
174 Requiem Mass Elizabeth Corley Dec-15
175 A Banquet of Consequences Elizabeth George Dec-15
176 Death Echo Elizabeth Lovell Dec-15
177 England & Other Stories Graham Swift Dec-15
178 New Hokkaido James MacNaughton Dec-15
179 Salvation of a Saint Keigo Higashino Dec-15
180 The Devotion of Suspect X Keigo Higashino Dec-15
181 The Cold Song Linn Ullman Dec-15
182 The Safe House Nicci French Dec-15
183 Someone Else’s Skin Sarah Hilary Dec-15
184 The Torment of Others Val McDermid Dec-15