Cecilia – Cecilia Inglis – 4.1.2013

At age 17, Cecilia Cahill, firm in her determination that she had a vocation, entered the Sisters of Mercy, Singleton Convent in New South Wales, Australia.   In this strict order,  she was very isolated from family and friends but worked as a teacher, while observing her vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.   Eventually she suffered a breakdown and although she did recover, she was tired and very disillusioned with the life she had chosen.   Cecilia chose to renounce her vows and leave the order forever.

Entry back into secular life was not easy.   After 30 years of service to the Church she received only a meagre payment of $10,000 with which to commence her new life.   Little money and few possessions, along with a crippling loneliness were part and parcel of her journey and brave hunt for employment and companionship.  At times her search for a partner was desperately frightening but eventually she met Bruce Inglis and finally found the happiness she was looking for her.

This book was written as a result of the author attending a weekend workshop on “Writing Life Stories” and while it may not settle into a place among famous literature was a heart-warming story which kept me captivated from beginning to end